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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Happy Thanksgiving everyone from the Kentucky Fried Catholic.  While I know it’s popular now to do a thankful for post everyday in November up to the big day, but, much like my plate today, I like to pile them all up on one day.  So here I go…I’m thankful for… 1. My faith – even […]

15 Things I Wish I’d Known About Grief

15 Things I Wish I’d Known About Grief. – Fantastic read!

So where are the podcasts episodes?

Ok so I’ve written or started writing scripts. I’m up to four now and I recorded the first one, edited it, transferred it to my iTunes and…it was way shorter than I wanted, so I’m back to increasing word counts to make them more what I had in mind. No worries though, the re-writes are […]

A little bird told me…

And as if a blog and Facebook weren’t enough the Kentucky Fried Catholic is on Twitter.  So to see this twit’s tweets on Twitter, check out @KFCatholic (

Like us on Facebook

Hey, the Kentucky Fried Catholic Facebook page is up and ready to be liked.  Go see it…it gets lonely… Kentucky Fried Catholic on Facebook

Blog is a go…

The Kentucky Fried Catholic Blog is up and running.  Come on over to and check it out.

Getting Started

Well, we are trying to get everything lined up here.  Blogs, Twitters, Facebooks, RSS, Web Hostings, Servers, Mics, Mixers, Cables, Scripts, Flux Capacitors, Warp Cores…wait.  Anyhow, ever closer to getting our first episodes out.


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