Monthly Archives: December 2013

Happy birthday Pope Francis

So Pope Francis’s birthday is today. Happy birthday!!! Plus a pontiff that gets the whole December birthday/Christmas present dilemma…right? Although, he’s probably one of the few who enjoys the fact that his boss’s birthday is a bigger deal than his at work and doesn’t care his gets a little overlooked…

When counting doesn’t count…

I travel a lot for my day job, and one of my biggest peeves is people who violate the carry on rules. They either bring a) too many item, b) too big of items, or c) both. Now part of the reason it irks me is that I went all OCD with my carry on […]

Happy New (Liturgical) Year!!!

1st Sunday of Advent – A new beginning of the liturgical calendar.  And while we typically spend our New Year’s Day speaking about what we are going to do this year and why we failed (or succeeded) in our resolutions, Advent is a wonderful time to purely focus on our spiritual resolutions.  At the mass […]


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