When counting doesn’t count…

I travel a lot for my day job, and one of my biggest peeves is people who violate the carry on rules. They either bring a) too many item, b) too big of items, or c) both. Now part of the reason it irks me is that I went all OCD with my carry on vessels – I went to the websites of the airlines I use and determined the size that would meet their guidelines and then I TOOK A TAPE MEASURE WITH ME TO THE SUITCASE STORE! Why? Because I wanted to be certain. And I didn’t just measure and buy. I opened the pockets and tried to make them be full and measured. And then I fly watching people put both/all items overhead, turn big bags sideway to make them “fit” all the while knowing that their actions are going to cause fellow passengers to have to check their carry-ons. Let’s not even talk about musical instruments or important document tubes.

But I’ve been thinking about numbers for a podcast and it hit me this week what if these same people deal out their forgiveness the same way? Jesus did say to forgive a brother 7×70 which most say was to mean never stop forgiving others (which is good for my brother, I got tired of counting at 473…so close). What if for these people, forgiveness is just a carryon? You have it with and you just put it where there is room for it, sit down and forget about it.

Maybe that’s an idea for an Advent/New Year resolution. To make forgiveness to others a carryon in your daily travels. Could make commutes fun. Roll up to the guy who cuts you off, roll down the window, smile and say, “I forgive you” and then keep driving.

If not, then please forgive me for suggesting it…see?

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