No knuckles rasping sisters here….

So, being a self-professed nerd, I love tests and I came across this beauty tonight…

A great, but very thorough test. It took me about an hour to answer the 101 questions, but you create a login so you can stop and start if you need to. It’s tools like this to help prepare us to answer questions that could come from anywhere at anytime (as any parent of a toddler/preschooler will attest). Plus, it might make you realize that some of the thing you…you don’t. Like the Seven Dwarfs moment I had with the Twelve Apostles.

Here’s my results (after my score, each section is the title of the section, the number I got right out of the total questions and the corresponding percentage)

My Catholic IQ is 169
Bible 33/37 89.19%
History 13/15 86.67%
Morality & Virtue 18/22 81.82%
Heaven & Hell 9/12 75%
Prayer 8/8 100%
Dogma 9/9 100%
Anti-Catholics 7/15 46.67%
Sacraments 9/11 81.82%
Mass 17/19 89.47%
Special Days 6/8 75%
Religious Nobles 11/15 73.33%
Church Information 21/23 91.3%
Miscellaneous 8/8 100%

Some Kentucky Fried observations…89% on the Bible…the Catholic Bible, that’s like a 100 on the Protestant Bible, right? 75% on Heaven & Hell…that’s passing, do I get in? Apparently I’m anti-catholic-apathetic…and no points for alliteration.

What if I told you the two special days I missed was Christmas and Easter…would that make me a hipster Catholic? (no worries, I was there for Vigil and Christmas Eve). And if you know me, I can always be counted on to know random stuff, which comes through on the miscellaneous.

Again, here’s the link:

Did you take it? How did you do? What do you think of tools like this?

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