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First Sunday of Lent…or Happy “Cheat” Day

Whew! We’ve made it to the first Sunday of Lent. In years past, however, this always seems to be the anniversary of the same discussion. Technically, the Sundays during Lent don’t count toward the 40 days of Lent, and thus, what ever you are doing from Lent, you basically get a “jail out of free […]

Lent 2014 Day 3

So far, so good here at the Kentucky Fried Catholic with Lent 2014. Wife saved me from a close call with a dessert, but other than that, doing well. I spent quite some time yesterday planning our home office, which will house the “studio” for the podcast and no desserts (but alas, no gym yet). […]

Welcome to Lent…

I truly love being Catholic. And one of the reasons is that really, as a Catholic, we get three shots every year at New Year’s Resolutions. We have Advent (our faith’s new year), the Gregorian calendar’s New Years (I think there’s even a party in New York or something) and now Lent. And while I […]

No knuckles rasping sisters here….

So, being a self-professed nerd, I love tests and I came across this beauty tonight… A great, but very thorough test. It took me about an hour to answer the 101 questions, but you create a login so you can stop and start if you need to. It’s tools like this to help prepare […]

Where have you been…

So, yeah, the holidays were a wee bit of a distraction for the Kentucky Fried Catholic.  But I’m back, focused on getting this blog off the ground.  As far as the podcast goes, I’ve gotten my lovely voice overs for the intros done (thank you Ms. Kentucky Fried Catholic)  So now it is just getting […]

Happy birthday Pope Francis

So Pope Francis’s birthday is today. Happy birthday!!! Plus a pontiff that gets the whole December birthday/Christmas present dilemma…right? Although, he’s probably one of the few who enjoys the fact that his boss’s birthday is a bigger deal than his at work and doesn’t care his gets a little overlooked…

When counting doesn’t count…

I travel a lot for my day job, and one of my biggest peeves is people who violate the carry on rules. They either bring a) too many item, b) too big of items, or c) both. Now part of the reason it irks me is that I went all OCD with my carry on […]


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